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A Great Team You and Me Unveil the secret of the Top Community Pharmacy A Great Team You and Me Unveil the secret of the Top Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy

“A noble career that puts the pharmacy professionalism and sustainable profit at both sides of a perfect equilibrium.”

Malaysia is a fast growing country with an ever increasing elderly population. Today, Malaysia has a population of 32 million with more than 15,000 of registered pharmacists servicing the entire nation. The ratio for number of 1 pharmacist to population has reached the recommended ratio of 1:2000 by World Health Organization. However, according to the latest figure from Pharmacy Service Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia currently has only around 4000 community pharmacies servicing the whole nation. This translates into a low community pharmacy:population ratio or 1:8000.

This scenario reveals that the community pharmacy sector in Malaysia is at a very young stage. The potential of community pharmacy in Malaysia is far under-estimated. With the increase of public awareness and requirement on health care, community pharmacy sector in Malaysia is continuously expected to grow robustly.

Alpro OPPS Opportunity Pharmacy Partnership Scheme

OPPS has been developed by listening to the needs of independent pharmacies as well as the voices from the young pharmacists who are eager to own their community pharmacy business. So, whether you are currently running your own independent pharmacy or wishing to start your own business, Alpro OPPS has solutions for you.

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Introducing Alpro Pharmacy

Alpro Pharmacy is the top community pharmacy chain and is now becoming the most awarded community pharmacy brand by Malaysians – one that gives your patients and customers reassurance of Professional Pharmacy Services and Quality Health Products with a proven success model of community pharmacy. With the Three Pillars of Corporate Positioning in Alpro Pharmacy, we provide you our expertise and well recognized success formula in:

  • Business Management System

  • Community/ Customer Engagement

  • Professional & Personalized Service Innovation

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Our Heritage

Every success story has its trail of memories and it is always started with a dream. Alpro Pharmacy started humbly from a single outlet pharmacy. Since it was founded in year 2001, Teamwork, Commitment, Innovation and Perseverance have become our culture and flows in the blood stream of every single Alproean. We understand your needs and what it takes to build a successful community pharmacy business. What makes us different is that, we have been through all the stages that you are currently undergoing. Soon, our success story will be yours.

Know Where You Are

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I am running my own independent pharmacy

If you are currently running your own independent pharmacy, your biggest challenge is probably to increase your profitability while sustaining the professionalism of the pharmacy profession. You are determined to become a successful pharmacist in both the business and professional world.

What Alpro Provides You ?

  • With the brand of Alpro Pharmacy, you are now part of the Most Trusted Community Pharmacy Brand in Malaysia.

  • We have successfully converted many independent pharmacies to the proven business model of Alpro Pharmacy.

  • We help you to generate sustainable and higher profit margin from your daily business operation.

  • Our professional management team will help you to assess you and your pharmacy’s condition to provide the best solution for the current situation.

  • By having sustainable growth, you will be able to provide professional pharmacy service to your clients and patients.

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I have some experience in community pharmacy

If you are currently a young pharmacist who has great interest in starting your own community pharmacy business, you may find yourself standing in front of crossroads that you are not familiar and not knowing the best direction to move forward.

What Alpro Provides You ?

  • Market Surveillance Team to advice you on your choice of location.

  • We provide professional consultation in new pharmacy set up with standard layout options.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts when setting up and operating a community pharmacy.

  • Training and development to prepare you and your team ready for the new outlet.

  • Marketing Strategies to help you to engage with the local community.

  • Finally, to have your very own community pharmacy.

With a proven success model and a dedicated team, we can help you to identify and implement the elements that it takes to run a successful pharmacy business.

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