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Competitive advantages that you will GET

An OPPS specialist will always work closely with you as you manage the performance of your business and optimise your team’s result from the first day that you sign off the OPPS agreement. The OPPS Specialist team is there to enable your pharmacy to perform to its full potential and will communicate regularly with you, either by packs in the post, online, or face to face. This will save your valuable time, grow your knowledge to ensure you stay ahead and make a profitable professional community pharmacy.

Make Money

Save Time

Stay Ahead

Grow Knowledge

Alpro OPPS is an innovative franchise program designed to enhance a community pharmacy outlet’s ability to stand out among others. Alpro OPPS provides services and programs that help you and your business to grow and stay ahead.


Coordinated Approach

As an Alpro OPPS member, you will receive all the practical support and materials you need to run a successful Alpro Pharmacy Outlet.


To help do this and to give you regular advice and guidance you will have dedicated support from a range of experts in each all the areas of operation. This support will be co-ordinated through a dedicated OPPS specialist, who will be your main point of contact. An OPPS specialist is an expert in starting and running a successful community pharmacy business, he will guide you through the hurdles and bumps in that you may face in the operation of your pharmacy outlet.


Having someone who will call at agreed intervals to talk to you about your business and to review business performance is a key element of the Alpro OPPS success factor.

Tailored Made Differentiating Strategies

You want to stand out among all your competitors, and you want to be your community’s first choice of pharmacy that provides them with professional consultation and pharmacy care.

We can help you in differentiating your community pharmacy from the rest. Alpro Pharmacy differentiating marketing strategies position you and your outlet as a professional community pharmacy that provides first class service. We tailored made the strategies with your local situation to suit you and your outlet to the community that you serve.

Our seasonal campaigns help you to provide a complete range of promotion package which delivers great value to your customers. Besides, you will be able to know the ins and outs in establishing local engagement with your local community to be accepted as part of the community.

The awards winning Medication Safety series including Medicpak, Medilist, Medicheck and cautionary labels from Alpro Pharmacy will put you at the competitive front to enhance your customer loyalty and stand out from the red ocean of community pharmacy.

Sustainable Growth

Operating a community pharmacy outlet is not just about starting up the business and get the ball rolling. The goal of a community pharmacy business should be long term sustainable growth and not just a short term gain.

As much as our experience tells, sustaining the growth is nothing easier than starting up the business, if not more difficult.

Our experience and expertise cannot be measured and limited by standard operating procedures, our experts will monitor and guide you from time to time even after the initial start-up phase of your Alpro Pharmacy Outlet.

You will receive data and reports that aid in your business decision to sustain the growth of your outlet. We also provide opportunity to expand your OPPS business to even more than just 1 single outlet.