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The community pharmacy business has developed rapidly over the recent years. However, the business environment for community pharmacy has become harder over the time. Alpro OPPS offers a holistic and practical business plan for enthusiastic pharmacists who are interested in venturing into the community pharmacy business.

This business model is derived from our years of experience in this industry. Its practicality and successability has been proven by our robust track record in the growth of our sales revenue and net profit.


It is formed by three pillars of Alpro Corporate Positioning, which consists of Professional & Personalized Service Innovation, Business Management System and Community/ Customers’ Engagement. These three pillars determine the success of Alpro Pharmacy as well as each and every one of our OPPS Partners.

Professional & Personalized Service Information

As a business operating upon the basis of professional service, Alpro Pharmacy place the professionalism and personalization innovation in all our services at the top priority of the company.

Medication Safety, Our Priority. This is never merely a slogan that we set for fancy publicity, but a concept that we put into practice from Top to Down in the entire organization.

We innovate and introduce ground breaking ideas in providing pharmacy service to our patients.

By being an Alpro OPPS Partner, you will be able to enjoy the fruit of innovative thoughts such as Award Winning Medicpak, Medicheck and Medilist series and many other innovative services that are unique to Alpro Pharmacy.

Business Management System

No idea on how to manage your outlet? We know the answer and our retail operation consultant are there to help you! We are just a call away

  • Competitive Merchandise selection to maximize the yield per space unit
  • Top Private Label Products which promise you both the quality and profit
  •  Inventory control system to minimize out of stock or overstock situations by auto-replenishment system
  •  Central Purchase with smooth delivery system to ensure all the products is delivered on time
  •  Provide you the real time data to keep you informed of the outlets’ performance 24/7
  •  We are the expert of Blue Ocean Strategy
  •  By adopting our strategies, we make your outlets stand out among your competitors
  •  All you need to know about setting up and excelling in community pharmacy business will be shared to you

Business Management System

We optimize the concept of customers’ engagement and we revolutionized the ways that community pharmacies engage to the local community.Alpro Customer’s engagement system enables you to keep track all your customers’ purchasing behaviours, needs and requirements at your finger tip. We tailor made our engagement experience with

We believe in embracing the local community. As a chain community pharmacy with nationwide presence, each and every Alpro Pharmacy outlets operate similarly but uniquely.

This uniqueness spells out our engagement with local community. We root deeply among our community and we keep good relationships with our customers.

An outlet near to residential area is encouraged to provide community services to the residents with genuine warmth while an outlet near to business district will be encouraged to provide quick and precise counseling service to the surrounding white collars.

The experience that your customers felt with genuine warmth is the key of Alpro Customers’ Engagement Principle.

To date, Alpro Pharmacy nationwide serves more than 2 million people every year and the figure is still increasing.