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Our Success Story

Alpro Pharmacy Started humbly from an outlet of 330sqf in a small town called Port Dickson. During the early days of Alpro Pharmacy, we faced challenges and difficulties as what hit all the community pharmacies in Malaysia now and then. Price war, low profit margin, long working hours for pharmacists, lack of proper management system and other challenges hit the then newly formed Alpro Pharmacy.

The founders of Alpro Pharmacy, Ph. Low Swee Siong, Ph. Hiew Fei Tsong and Ms Chia Ling Ling chosen a different path than merely complaining and do nothing. Alpro Pharmacy successfully expanded to two outlets after 1 year and then subsequently 5 outlets in less than 5 years. It was a personal achievement for the founders and everything seems were going so well. Once again, they have a choice to stop there and enjoy the fruit of success.

However, Alpro Pharmacy and its team did not stop there and decided to duplicate the success to more outlets. New innovations and strategies came into picture. New talents join the team. Alpro Pharmacy continuously challenges the status quo and pushes the level of professionalism for community pharmacy in Malaysia to new heights.

To date, there are more than 50 Alpro Pharmacy Outlets throughout the country. Grab your opportunity now to run your own Alpro Pharmacy Franchise Outlet with the proven success business model.

Mr Yap and Ph. Koh (Mrs Yap)
Alpro Pharmacy Franchisee

“It was not an easy decision, to convert our pharmacy to Alpro OPPS Franchise Plan. However, we 
are glad that we have made this decision, our community pharmacy is not just making ends meet,
 but we enjoy profit while providing our best service to the community.”

Mr Yap and Ph. Koh (Mrs Yap) had their first community pharmacy outlet 6 years ago (2010) at a residential area in the city of Seremban.Like any other passionate and enthusiastic young pharmacists, the couple believed that as long as they treated the customers with heart, they will be rewarded with good earnings.


The Rough Journey

After a year of opening, not only that the recovery of initial investment is unachieved, the business was merely sufficient to meet the ends. They hoped and fought for the betterment of business.

They tried numerous ways to improve the condition but found that not much have changed, even when they extended the business hours and increases services! It was a whole 6-year of tough fight, but could only grasp in despair with monthly sales around RM50,000 with a low gross profit margin of not touching 20%.

Both thought that it was the end for their business because the market competition is fierce. The thoughts of closing down and selling off their business grow stronger every day.

Meeting the Alpro OPPS Specialists

Right before the month when they decided to end the business, they met Alpro OPPS specialists in an unexpected occasion. After intensive discussion and understanding the franchise concept, they decided to give ONE LAST TRY. Alpro OPPS specialists researched thoroughly on their case then pointed out the keys to revive the business.

The layout of pharmacy was redesigned; the merchandise list was refreshed; the POS system and outlet management system were advanced; distinctive marketing strategies were imposed. With strong support from the specialists, both Mr. and Mrs. Yap committed fully right from following policies to execution of strategies.

The New Light of Business

In just a quarter of year, the partners have their monthly sales doubled up. Gross profit margin reached a new high they have never imagined, more than 30%! And after a year, they achieved stable monthly sales of RM200,000 which drove them to open another new branch under the Alpro OPPS Franchise program.

Now, the couples are happy and have decent lives with their children. Soon, they are opening the third franchise outlet under the Alpro OPPS program.

25% Growth – It is Possible

Many community pharmacists unable to recognize that a successful business need not mean that the professional services need to be sacrifice.


The best community care can only be done, if and only if, you have customers to start with. Sustainable business involves the excellence of three golden aspects (business management system, professional services & innovation, community engagement). And this is the expertise of the Alpro OPPS specialists; to make your dream comes true.